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2005 Steven doing social works - Updated

2005 Steven doing social works  星想事成 (Realizing Celebrity's Dream) at TVB8

Transcript on Steven's commentation only
My first job to apply after graduating high school was for a social worker assistant position. But I did not get it. First, because I was too young (tn: was 16 years old). Second, because my grades were not good enough. So did not get the job.   At that time, I was disappointed. But today, I'm rather happy because finally I have a chance to feel how it's like being a social worker. 

I dare not say I like to help people since young, I'm not that great. On the contrary, what I want to say is that when young I often had the opportunity to receive other people's help.  Including at school, at work. I feel that I was quite lucky at people helping me. Enabling me to do a lot and resolving many problems. Hence, I didn't get on the wrong track. So to me, helping others or giving opportunity to others is very important. Because I myself have received a lot. So if it is within my effort, I hope to help other people. 

I think when I was young I was still very naive. But in Form 3 (Grade 9) I got into society, studying and working at a part-time job simultaneously.  I experienced a lot and encountered many people. And also got to know a lot of people older than me. Their influence on me was rather big. They taught me a lot. Even working at a part time job, my supervisor was a very decent boss. He too had given me a lot of opportunities.

Actually, after my Form 5 graduation, the first job application letter that I mailed out was for the position of a social worker assistant.  That was only for an assistant. If want to be a certified social worker, one has to pass an exam to get the license. It's not like just because you want to be one, then you can do it. So at that time, I thought to myself I couldn't even meet the requirement to be a social worker assistant what's more a social worker. Because my grades were not high level enough. Because the minimum requirement was at least Form 7 but I had only Form 5 level grades. They also returned a rejection letter to me saying sorry and thank you for your sincerity but we couldn't accept your application. At the time, I thought to myself wanted to help but couldn't even help? Maybe because social work is a professional job so you (applicants) need to take exams, a certain level of qualification, only then would they let you slowly work from the bottom up.  But then I couldn't got back to school again, so would have to see in future if there were other opportunity in some other avenue to help out to realize this dream. So today can be considered a success to realizing that dream.

They said generally after a fund raising event, they would do something to commend the involved colleagues because the latte had put in their best efforts. To me this is very important because when one did something but it was completely ignored by others and nobody encouraged, naturally one would feel some disappointment. But they have a practice in that they seldom especially point out the part where someone did not do it well. On the contrary, they (social workers) would use a positive reinforcement thinking to encourage them by emphasizing the stuff they did well. And seldom point out the stuff they did not do that well.   To me, this is a very motivational aspect which I appreciate very much.

Juvenile problems are undoubtedly very serious.  Because I feel all of us between the ages of 15 to 20 that period is when we are most likely to absorb the bad influences. If during this time period we received, be it from our teachers or the social workers, some positive outlook, I think our paths in the future would be much smoother to travel.

I think juvenile delinquency is one of the more serious problems faced. (tn: in society) . I feel if we can bring to them a positive outlook, hope, or some influential aspect, this may greatly influence their future path.  This (impact) cannot be underestimated.

Because I grew up in Sham Shui Po, some of you may know, at that time Sham Shui Po was truly...when I was young, it (tn: the place) was truly very complex.  Yellow (tn:pornography), gambling, drugs all there, truly they were all there. The problem of secret societies, many many. I've had also witnessed my schoolmates around me because of weak willpower, can say they turned bad but I always said how come I myself also grew up in the same environment but didn't turn bad.  I think it is because I had a good family, good teachers and good friends, people around me were willing to guide me. Many were willing to give me opportunities. I believe if one can be good, nobody chooses to be bad. 

You can let them test out their direction to take.  Of course, you have to guide them from the sideline.  For instance, I say I want to go to disco to see how it's like.  To me this is fine. I think you can let him check it out.  Because the more you tried to prevent him from checking it out the more he wants to do it.  And once he sees he would say it was no big deal after all. 

I've just participated in an activity. Like Coach Liu said, the team spirit is very important, and mutual trust, too.  He insists that before participating you must say I'm very confident, do you all support me?  Everybody must give him a very big response which is "support".  After he succeeded and came down, they all would give him a celebration  which is, congratulate him.  Actually these two small acts represent the sharing of mutual support and contribution and outcomes - I feel they all came through in this activity. It's very meaningful.

Don't mistakenly think I'm having lunch right now.  Actually, I'm with the real social workers in the cafeteria below the social center located inside the building. There are some social work trainees working in this cafeteria so I came down with a social worker to better understand their situations.

I've never thought that helping you is to give you something. Honestly, I never see it that way. I feel if you want to help people the way to do so is to make sure that in the future they can help themselves, they can take care of themselves.  This is the real help.  If I want to help you, I take care of you for life now that is not helping you only harming you. I want to help you to be self-sufficient and can independently take care of yourself.  Know how to take care of yourself and later take care of other people.  That's how it should be.

Actually, I think their dancing is really wonderful; it's great. I feel this street break dance, erm, maybe many seniors or parents feel that this kind of dancing, turning and spinning on the floor, feel that only a group of juvenile delinquents would gather together to dance this kind of dance.  To me this kind of thinking is wrong because this kind of motivational force is very strong. This is a very difficult dance to perform.  Also they are passionate about this kind of dance so I very much like to talk with them.  To find out their reactions to other people's viewpoints on them and about their feelings or aspirations for this dance.

When people grow they will have their own experiences, and often times look upon their own thinking as the right viewpoint. Basically, can't say it is wrong to think this way.  We have experiences, we have traveled some roads, we are aware of problems and we don't want those young people or those younger than us to travel the same erroneous paths as we did. So often times, we thought of our own thinking  to be the standard answer, so always difficult to connect (tn:between adults and youngsters). We always seem to be on the opposite sides of an issue, and thus conflicts exist. So the only way is to first cast aside our own belief. Because we are more mature, more experienced. We should be able to back down a step, to let go of our belief so that we can listen to what they have to say, and to see from their viewpoint.

Female voice: Social workers are not salespeople so cannot hard sell on life outlook. This, Steven is much aware of. Towards a sad case, they (tn: sw) can only silently wish that person well.

Steven: There was this 12 year old girl. I talked with this 12 year old girl, for a long time.  She has just taken some pills.‘FING头丸’ , still woozy. She's only12 years old. But she told me she has been taking soft drugs for 2 years already.  So, that means she started at 10 years old. 10 years old only she has already started taking drugs. I feel really saddened. So I asked her if there is any way for her to stop doing drugs? I said don't do it.  She said, started as a 10 year old girl, can't stop it anymore, has become a habit.   That kind of... made me feel very disheartened. I really hope.. I said to her I really hope you would find you would ask them to help you to get rid of your drug addiction, go back to study, go back to school.  I don't know if she did or not look them up. But I hope she did. Such a waste. So young in age.

Female voice: Finally the most difficult stage. Steven along with the social worker talks to street juveniles. Before setting out, must listen to instructions. 

Steven: So inside this social work building I've had discussions with the social workers and have talked to the youngsters, so now there is this more challenging situation, which is to be an outdoor social worker trainee to talk to some youngster. A bit scared but will do my best.

Social worker: There are three techniques. First, don't ask them why so late at night they are still not home. Second, don't you need to be at school tomorrow?  It is good to be at school, everybody knows that.  Third, whatever they say we will not immediate rebut them with suspicion or sarcasm. Maybe our experiences are more than them or that their thinking or deeds we know is implausible but we will not bluntly say that. Maybe that was just a way to protect themselves or not real but nevertheless we would not point that out right there and then.  Like how can that be, you must be lying.

Steven: Maybe because I have performed in many tv series so I was quite happy to see them treating me like a friend or a big brother. Anyway, I grew up in the same environment as they.  So maybe that's why, at least to me, I didn't feel any distance.  None at all. So maybe that's why they felt as if talking to a friend.

After today, I feel they are great.  My aspiration at that time (tn: verses today) really.. a lot of feelings. Hopefully in the future, as an artist I hope I can continue to do more of this kind of work. 

We really must be aware of our own words and deeds. I won't dare to say I did well,  but I am truly very careful of my own words and actions. I know they may influence other people. I don't want to inflate these two words, "helping others" to sound so great.  Because everybody needs to help someone, at the same time, also needs help from other people.  During the process of so-called helping people, you yourself also benefited from it.  We all  must cherish ourselves. Even if many people want to help us we must help ourselves first.  First do well by ourselves, and when faced with problems, someone stretches out a helping hand to us, that way will  be perfect.  I believe many people know it is not easy to be a social worker. After today as a social worker trainee I feel happy.  But there is one thing I can ascertain is that if we want to communicate with the youngsters and people younger than us, we must first put the adults' acknowledged beliefs.  We truly must cast that aside first to break down the barrier first, only then can we share our experiences with them so that they can have a better life.

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