Monday, February 6, 2012

tsui yy: 2/6 03:17  A good friend transferred this photo to me, and highly praised Grand Master Piggy for having a good built now, and has gotten handsomer and more stylish. (yao yin)  She has watched him grown up so I believe her words are sincere. Happy! 好友傳了一張相給我,大讚太豬體格健碩了,人更俊朗有型。她看着太豬成長,我相信這話是真的。開心!

Tsui yy's reply to Uncle Choi's post to Steven: Uncle Choi, you have a scholar's trait and even more so imbibed with a scholar's sentiment.  材叔,你有文人的風骨,更具文人情義,敬重您。

Nobody appreciates Steven as much as these two people who aren't shy to express their appreciation and affection for Steven publicly. Steven is blessed to have them both to watch over him.

Tamaya's definition of the day: yahoo source
What's the difference between a cultured and an educated person?
That is like describing an almanac and a pearl.

An educated person has imbibed the facts, the data, opinions, etc - - - all things within the realm of his study. He could be an almanac. Or a walking encyclopedia of sorts.

A cultured person is like a pearl. A pearl is formed in its shell over the years, a product of a grain of sand causing the formation of such beauty. Through years and years, the oyster is nourished, and flourishes even through the storm. Nothing will stop the formation of that beauty caused by that little irritating sand. Thus, a cultured person is so self-assured because he has been through what it takes to be strong, and to be balanced. And to be so polished.

An educated person could probably recite Shakespearean sonnets to you but a cultured person could most likely do it better coz he has seen the actual plays and could emote it too. In essence, an educated person is well-versed in general knowledge while a cultured person is fine-tuned to the arts as well.

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