Saturday, February 25, 2012


Starting to let my hair grow out. I want to get it to this length! Hahahaha....but for the next series, not enough time the most it could get to would be like Joe's in Healing Hands (1).

My next series is one that I instantly wanted to accept as soon as I finished reading it script. It's a mainland series. The plot is very riveting; the scriptwriting has punch.  It's an era I have never acted in before. The character's personality and background are extremely challenging. As for Hong Kong, once return to Hong Kong will talk in earnest, but for sure I will continue to film Hong Kong series.  //@馬浚偉吧: 4th Brother, can you give a hint on what your next series is? Little piggies are all very curious ya!

--- more in Chinese 


下部戲是我看了劇本後就已經想接的一部 在內地 劇情很吸引 編劇很給力 是我從沒演過的時代 角色性格背景挑戰十足 至於香港 回港後再慢慢詳談 肯定的是 港劇一定也繼續拍 [哈哈]//@馬浚偉吧:四哥,能透露点下部戏么?小猪们好奇啊![围观][花心]

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