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DGD - PA words on Fatt Dat gor

DGD PA's topic: Shooting DGD on streets attracts a crowd

Sham Shui Po is always crowded no matter when, especially on Apliu Street, where all kinds of things can be bought and at relatively cheap prices too, and also the neighborhood has lots of places to eat and dine.  And one day it was even more crowded than usual when Steven and Linda were on location to shoot the 1st episode of chasing a thief.  Actually on that day, it was set up to just shoot a brief scene that shouldn't take too much time to do. But once it got around the neighborhood that two main leads were on site to shoot a scene, the site immediately became jam-packed with curious onlookers to watch them and the shooting of the scene.  But don't think the troupe could leave as soon as the shot was done because that wasn't possible as people rushed to get both leads' signatures and to have their pictures taken with them as souvenirs, which both leads obliged with alacrity.


 PA's topic: See, how agile I am! 
Testing positioning before action


Yesterday, PA Ah Hang revealed that Steven and Linda went to Sham Shui Po to shoot a scene of them chasing a thief creating a big crowd on site.  Today I will describe the process of their scene.  Though the scene appeared only a few minutes on screen, but to compose that scene, many takes from different angles and clips from different portions of these takes were used to create this very exciting scene.  Just that shot of Steven avoiding being hit by the luggages was taken from different positioning of the camera to come up with a satisfying shot that was both exciting and realistic, truly not easy thing to accomplish.

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当旺爸爸 - PA手记梗系多人围啦

深水埗平时都多人架啦, 特别系鸭寮街个一带地段添, 事关附近乜都有得买, 价钱又够大众化, 唔少人都钟意过去买下野食下野咁。点知个日既情况就更加夸张啦, 事关个日马仔同嘉欣就系现场拍摄左《当旺爸爸》第一集既捉贼戏啦。其实当日只系拍左短短数小时咋嘛, 但附近街坊一知道有两位主角既出现, 就闻风而至一睹拍戏时既实况, 逼到周围行唔到人咁滞, 但都咪以为拍完就走得呀, 皆因仲有唔少街坊想同马仔同嘉欣影相留念, 咁当然两位都好乐意同大家影幅靓相啦!

阿恒寻日就同大家介绍过, 马仔同嘉欣有日去左深水埗拍左场追贼戏, 搞到好多街坊途人围观。今日, 我就同大家细拆解释佢地两位系路中心飞檐走壁既经过啦, 虽然系电视机前, 我地睇到既系短短既几分钟片段, 但系现场时都用左唔少镜头同分段去凝造呢场咁紧张既追逐戏, 净系睇个场马仔避过几个旅行手提箱, 其实都试左好几个位架, 要做到紧凑同迫真, 系认真系唔简单架。

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