Thursday, March 1, 2012

lotyef - Monk Zhi Cong and Yun Lin

Monk Zhi Cong and Yun Lin have a soul stirring and moving storyline.  Yun Lin is a Mongolian woman who will go the distance for love (literary) as she pursues Monk Zhi Cong to return with her back into the material world. But he seems to have a heart of stone as he stands unmoved by her tearful pleas.

The Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder troupe officially relocated its on-site filming to Beijing a few days ago. The cast members Hu Jun,Charmaine Sheh and He Yanni continue to work hard for this epic tv production. The latest pictures revealed He Yanni as Yun Lin delivering blankets to her beloved;her face radiant with happiness and bashfulness, very winsome indeed. He Yanni and Steven Ma’s first time collaboration as lovers was tacitly performed, not only did they get fulsome praises from the director for their performances but also had the Hong Kong tabloids stirred up batgua (gossips) about them dating. Toward this He Yanni expressed that it is indeed true they are very close friends, but that a sibling kind of relationship will last longer. In the disclosed pictures, He Yanni as a Mongolian maiden,Yun Lin, is carrying some colorful ethnic fabrics on the way to deliver some warm brocade blankets to her beloved. “She is a very naïve girl who believes in romantic love."

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