Sunday, March 18, 2012

news: DGD STeven Ma: Easter timeslot is not considered as cannon fodder

Yesterday, TVB siu sang, Steven Ma, was at the  Tseung Kwan O promoting his series, Daddy Good Deed.  As a male lead, Steven's screentime on the series promo trailers was pitifully small, obviously due to the fact that he is no long a 'biological son'.  Steven said: "That has nothing to do with it. They had asked me to return to film the promo trailers but my schedule did not permit the time."  As to his new series being scheduled during Easter holidays as 'cannon fodder'?  He said: "This time doesn't count.  9:30 timeslot is quite good. Easter holidays is small potato, in the past, new year, and World Cup I regularly fought them.  This time is a good timeslot."
Steven Ma has become a hot commodity. Many tv companies contacted him.

Even though he no longer has a contract with TVB but that may be just a temporary thing but TVB hopes to get him to sign a per series contract as soon as possible just that he did not have the free time to talk with Catherine Tsang.

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