Sunday, March 18, 2012

Steven Ma's series not cannon fodder this time

TVB Daddy Good Deed is Steven Ma’s farewell TVB work as he has already terminated his contract with TVB. Therefore, he participated in yesterday DGD promotional event as a special guest.   The cast of Daddy Good Deed in the promo event included Linda Chung, Edwin Siu, Evergreen Mak, Nancy Wu and Ha Yu, Vivien Yeo and Chow Chung et al. During the game time, Steven and Linda Chung were paired up as couple and exchanged kisses. Producer Miu Siu Ching will be leaving TVB soon to start work in NowTV in April.  During the promotion, she was quite teary-eyes and hugged each cast member. She also requested a kiss from Steven, which he did with first an embrace then a kiss on her cheek, and they gave each a big hug.

Yesterday, a huge crowd of Steven’s fans were at site to show their support for him. Steven said that he will be in Hong Kong for a few days, the main purpose was to participate in his series promo event.  Afterwards, he will fly back to Beijing for a meeting and later onwards to Hengdian and Shanghai to start his new series.  Steven’s fee for filming mainland series has already reached 6 digits per episode but grateful for his source of blessing he says: “Even thought Ricky Wong side has had people talked to me several times, but my being 19 years in TVB, if I am to work in Hong Kong, TVB is still the first choice.  Today back in Hong Kong, I will discuss per series contract with TVB. (But TVB can’t give you your worth in Mainland?) I believe there will be other reasonable benefits. ”  Steven says that just filming a few series will enable him to building an apartment.

He laughs and says that in two days’ time he will return to TVB to do a promotion (tn: video clip) but this time he will go there as a guest via a guest id card, so that needs some getting use to.

In the past, though TVB often aired series led by Steven in the cannon fodder timeslots, their ratings still came out decent.  And this time, DGD is also aired in Easter Holidays timeslot.  Steven, who is no long stranger to this arrangement, says: “I’d battled CNY, and pitted against World Cups, what’s Easter Holidays? This time is considerably good and moreover, a 9:30 timeslot.

As to his little screen time in the promo trailers, Steven says: "It's all a misunderstanding. Actually, Siu Ching jie had asked me to shoot the promo trailers, but because I couldn't get time off from the mainland series in Hengdian, I was unable to return to HK to do it."

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