Sunday, March 18, 2012

weibo 3/18/2012

Steven 3/18 18:06   I'm alway happy to be interviewed by you. nterview.  See you in Shanghai!@水泽仔 3/18 17:49  Chatted with Ma Zai @馬浚偉 for 40 minutes. A very warm person and also someone who makes other people happy.   Because Ma Zai's scholarly characters are so ingrained in me, I had always thought that gentility is his label. But after today's talk, I belatedly realized that the real Ma Zai is actually quite playful, and that his life outlook is both very optimistic and healthy. And he imparts this positive perspective to people around him.  Anticipating "Fatt Dat Zai".  Anticipating our meeting in Shanghai, my badminton coach. [嘻嘻]
(tn: Shanghai magazine reporter - this was a phone interview.)

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