Sunday, March 18, 2012

weibo 3/18/2012

3/18 21:50 In TVB I have 3 sisters I'm most fond of, she is the one I most worried about.  Ka Yan, take good care of yourself.  In Gor's (elder bro) absence who bullies you, remember to tell gor, I'll speak out for you. 

 source: sm hk fanclub weibo

tn: Haiz! Steven! Steven! Too out there ba!  Other people will think you are being too melodramatic and pretentious and showy, not to mention making fans of your two other sisters jealous. 

And where were all his brothers and sisters when Steven needed them to speak out for him?  Only Fala, Evergreen and Johnson casted their vote for Steven as 2011 TV king. (per a news report)  Neve rmind about speaking up for him, not even a modicum show of support for him in his time of need. But then who said these sisters need his protection? 

If by my words, I'm being small minded, let me be then cos' that's how I feel.  

- in Chinese -----


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  1. Haha, I could really see Steven worrying about Linda more, even though I'm a Tavia fan. Linda appears more timid than Fala and Tavia, whom are both quite frank. I don't think fans of Fala and Tavia would be jealous. xD Linda has filmed with him the most and I believe got to know him the longest?

    And can tell how comfortable Linda is with Steven. She seems to ooze with more confidence around him, imo. :D