Tuesday, March 6, 2012

weibo 3/7

 3/7 16:33 Yes, thank you, Ming ming,thank you for your support to me.[泪][爱你] Also want to thank the little piggies who luv me, thank you to each and every relative and friend.  Of course, have to thank God. Thank God for our peace, health and happiness. [心] // 鄧潔明 3/7 14:03 Today meet again with Steven Ma. I feel his loosening up from within him. I can just imagine how seriously suppressed he was before. But because of his character, he endured!  Truly a genuine real man, because the other party did not reciprocate in kind.  But like Steven knows, Heavenly Father loves him.  An upright person when confronted with adversity will only emanate even brighter lights from deep within! Ma Zai, have you heard of blood and sweat precious horse!

And as for that pix of his bloodied fingers, Steven accidentally slammed the door on his fingers. Yikes! Yes, it hurt like hell when he poured hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the wound, but he is more worried weather or not he can still play badminton this week.  And posters observed that even in pain Steven still did not forget to snap a picture of his boobo.

-  more -- in Chinese
有,多謝Ming ming,感謝您對我的支持[泪][爱你]另外也要感謝疼我的小豬們,感謝我的每一位親朋好友,當然,更要感謝主,感謝主給我們平安健康快樂![心]

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