Monday, March 5, 2012

why the fascination with an old scandal?

I don't understand why people are still interested in Steven and Sonija's old scandal. Why? Its thread in this blog has a mind boggling amount of hits up in the thousands,  and yes hits everyday without a miss besides the few weeks I intentionally disabled access for public viewing. As soon as it became accessible, the hits started coming in waves again.  The search keywords  "steven ma - sonija kwok scandal" is among the highest usage besides Steven Ma.  Why are people still interested in this dinosaur old scandal? Why? Just curious! Someone answer me please!


  1. Newbies.......really do not know.
    Trust me......I did not know.
    Old or not.....its still "new" to recent fans of Steven Ma.

  2. The thread "Steven - Sonija" has about 1500 hits, "Steven's girlfriend" has less than 300 hits. And it seems that most of these hits were specifically googling "Steven Ma - Sonija Kwok scandal", not Steven ma. Did you google for SS scandal? I was shocked when I did the rundown of most popular posts and threads. Woah! It topped the weekly hits a head and shoulders above the others.

    Also it was gratifying to note that Steven has returning fans-blog readers from unlikely parts of the world including Russia, Poland, Netherlands, France,UK, Norway, Germany.

  3. Looking at it on the positive side....there is real interest in Steven Ma.
    Once it becomes apparent that it is all water under the bridge..... it will becomes a footnote.

    Fans will then move on.....into the stuff that really matters.

    On another note...
    In the last moments of AJCL opening sequence ....

    Did you ever noticed...

    his body poised like a dancer ....
    as he swept to her gracefully..

    lowered his head onto her forehead...

    in that moment he touched her......
    he smiled...

  4. Just reviewed that scene you mentioned, cos' couldn't recall. Yes, very gracefully done. I've said it many times but will say it again, Steven has an innate grace in his movements and gestures, and that grace was beautifully displayed in that little dance Chow Sai Hin has with Cheung Ping in Pitnol.

  5. These all tvb 1st line artists get publicity through their love relationship rumors except for Steven, who specifically told his tvb manager that he would not engage in any false romantic rumors as publicity.