Saturday, May 26, 2012

weibo 5/26

5/26 01:33  Human relation, if willing to communicate many problems can be resolved.  Don't always feel that other people are wrong and that you are right. If change position, the view seen will be different.  More empathy, more tolerance and consideration, the world will be become even more beautiful.

Steven may have encountered some setbacks in his scripting project because of  weibo messages from his team members consoling him.  -- "Hope you'll feel better tomorrow." "No matter what we'll support you." ...something about regrets ..

Anyway, today 5/26 is his fan gathering at Hengdian. 

 -- more in Chinese---

人與人之間 願意溝通 就能解決很多問題 不要永遠感覺是別人錯了 自己對了 換個立場 看到的又不一樣 多點同理心 多點包容和體諒 世界 會變得更美.

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