Monday, May 21, 2012


5/21 15:55 Finally have this kind of opportunity to attempt, to learn, to experience the other side of film production world. The heart is filled with expectation, the mind filled with ideas, but nevertheless this is after all a specialized knowledge, just because I want do it does not mean it will turn out well.  So could only work diligently to amend the situation. When return Hong Kong, teachers, old friends, please advise. [爱你]@枝Lam @梁敏華Pion @沈芷凝 @賈偉南HK @材叔

枝Lam , 梁敏華Pion, 賈偉南HK , 沈芷凝 = all HK scriptwriters. The 1st three people are now ex-tvb scriptwriters.

So Steven has started his new project that he writes, directs and acts in.  Good luck to him. 
 ---more -- in Chinese

終於 有這樣的機會 去嘗試 去學習 去體會 戲劇世界𕚃的另一面 心中充滿憧憬 腦子充滿想法 可是 這終究是一們專業學問 不是我想做就能做好 那麼 唯一就是將勤補拙 回港後 老師老友們 求教啊 @枝Lam @梁敏華Pion @沈芷凝 @賈偉南HK @材叔

 賈偉南HK新浪个人认证 :窮一生精力,都是在摸索階段。 (今天 15:59)
 沈芷凝新浪个人认证 :有需要意見的話,你可隨時找我^^ (今天 16:04)
 馬浚偉新浪个人认证 :回复@沈芷凝:太好啦,謝謝芷凝老師![爱你]BTW,新頭像很不錯呢![鼓掌] (今天 16:10)
 沈芷凝新浪个人认证 :回覆@馬浚偉:馬老師太客氣了哈哈 (今天 16:28)

刘凤娇VS小乔:就是喜欢这样的你@馬浚偉 可以去学习,去尝试然后去完成自己的梦想,向你们@苏祎zoe @生生世世的诺言 学习,向你们致敬! (今天 18:14)
馬浚偉新浪个人认证 :好! 等我啊魷魚仔![愛你]//@枝Lam: 等你回來~~~~~快~~~ (今天 19:30)
梁敏華Pion新浪个人认证 :我不是老師![不要]大家互相學習![给力]好好學習!天天向上![哈哈] (29分钟前) 
馬浚偉新浪个人认证 :多謝老友right?[偷笑][哈哈]//@梁敏華Pion: 我不是老師![不要]大家互相學習![给力]好好學習!天天向上![哈哈] (27分钟前)

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