Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OPM: Live a happier life

Clean Newspaper
June 7 2012
One Pen Ma
Steven Ma

 Live a Happier Life
Recall an old topic, "How to let myself live a happier life?", on which I have earlier on weibo shared a bit of my insight.  Recently while chatting with a friend, I sensed that friend's mood was easily influenced, so allow me to hereby replay an old tune!

"Nothing to be unhappy about, so that means happy!" has always been my mantra.  So, where did the unhappiness come from? Came from my own self-demands? Came from my giving of self? If given wholeheartedly then theoretically should not be unhappy, but if behind these givings lies a heart imbued solely with great anticipation of repayment or of others' gratitude or approbation, then disappointment will emerge at any time, and a big dose of unhappiness will follow suit.

I am not God or a saint that I would do everything just for the sake of cultivating and not expect rewards, I can't do that! But there is one thing that I can definitely able to do, which is to give it my all and enjoy the process.  Outcome? No expectation or anticipation because that is beyond my control scope, so in view of that, why fret?

Friends, hope this will bring some easing to you, after all, this is my personal experience, even if it is not completely correct, at least it can't be wrong. 

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