Saturday, June 16, 2012

Steven's mainland assistant's commentary

Steven's mainland YPP assistant's, Xiao Qiao, parting words on Steven as she sees him during her time with him in Hengdian.

@刘凤娇VS小乔He says every scene that has his presence,  it must without exception be outstanding, even if off camera; he is that earnest, when studying the script totally absorbed, totally immersed into the character; he always arrives early to wait for people never let others wait for him; he has so good points that words are inadequate to express them, he is Steven Ma - 天道酬勤. I believe his road in the future will become brighter and brighter! And faces whatever that may come with a smile!

天道酬勤 = Heaven rewards those who are diligent and well-prepared.

他说有他出现的每一场戏,都一定要很精彩,即使没有台;他就是那样的认真,看剧本就完全投入,非常融入角色;他是永远提前去等别人也不会让别人等的人;他有太多的好是用语言文字不能表达出来的,他就是@馬浚偉 天道酬勤,相信以后的路一定越来越光明!就这样一直开心的笑着面对一切!

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