Saturday, June 16, 2012

weibo: happy father's day

6/17/2012 08:04 @馬浚偉 An old locomotive, though today has been decommissioned but still trailing behind it are section after section of car compartments,  closely depending on each other just like a father always safely and steadily leading the family forward.  My father is once a public bus driver for 30 years plus. The hardship behind it we as children knew it all. Father, wishing you peace everyday, good health, and happiness. Happy Father's Day.  

古舊的火車頭 即使今天已退役 尾隨仍舊是一節一節的火車廂 緊緊依靠在一起 就如父親一樣 一直帶領著家人 安全又平穩地向前走 家父曾是個幹了三十多年的公車司機 背後的辛酸 做子女的我們 都懂 爸爸 願你天天平安健康愉快 父親節快樂

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