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BUMP! LOTYEF video clip - updated with English subs

The link below has English subtitles in its video but realplayer won't dl the full 30 min video.

July 8th 2012 4:36 pm
I left this message on Director Tsui's weibo: - The preview is excellent, epic, explosive, exciting, emotional, passionate, grandiose, intense, gripping, riveting, superior and lots more. One word -- Brilliant! Standing ovation! Bravo![鼓掌][赞]

credit LETV

So looking forward to lotyef.
Director Tsui is unsure of its broadcast schedule as the post production work won't get done until Sept and after that audit and approval from China authority to air it on tv so probably looking at year end to watch it.

paraphrase - summary of the above video.
In the year 1215 AD, kingdoms proliferated; Song, Mongol, and Jin, these three kingdoms were locked in a three-way rival power struggle. On the Mongolian steppes, a powerful force was rapidly gaining momentum; he was the hegemon of an era, Genghis Khan. That year, Genghis Khan led his army to the south, in this battle against the Jins came forth an earth shaking individual

He is the father of Kublai Khan – To Lui, the youngest son of Genghis Khan. Kublai Khan is his To Lui’s 2nd son.

That Tengri (God) lets Kublai Khan came into this world at this very propitious moment carries a fateful meaning. You are to shoulder the Mongolians’ mission. I, hereby, bestowed upon you the name, Kublai.

A festive banquet to celebrate Kublai’s birth as the parents proudly show off their newborn to Genghis Khan.

All my previous grandchildren are born ruddy in color but he is dark in color. This baby is different from you all; for sure his undertaking will be very different from the rest of you.

From young, Kublai Khan was already very different from his peers….visionary and far-sighted

3:22 The brothers rivalry pain Genghis Khan. ..
The Mongolians are strong because of their unity. An arrow by itself is easily broken, but 10 arrows bundled together, no matter how strong you are will still be difficult to break. My heart is in pain.

3:54 Kublai with his first lady love, Ji Na.
Wait for me to come home (from battlefield), come home to wed you. 
I will 
What? Yi Na committed suicide? Why? 
Khan’s wife wanted to marry her off to the prince of 乌贪訾国 but Yi Na said she wanted to wait for you to come back but when we rushed to the river bank she’s already..

Kublai confronts Khan’s wife over Yi Na’s death.

6:09 Kublai’s father talks to him reminding him that they are a race of brave warriors in battlefields, who among them have not suffered the pain of losing their loved ones. He is not the only who feel such pain. Kublai asks for time to grieve. His father gives him 3 days to get back on his feet.

6:45 Parents find a wife for Kublai
Not a bad idea, who do you have in mind? 
Aiya, the most beautiful girl in the steppes is your 5th sister’s daughter, Chi Ba.

7:04 Who’s 4th cousin brother? I’ve forgotten who he is? 
He’s Kublai ya

Chi Ba does not want to marry him, and moreover her first impression of him was not good either as he was drunk then. But she later changes her mind and falls for him.

9:07 Kublai persuades Great Khan (his uncle) to treat the Chinese people better if they want to gain their hearts, not just their lands else his empire won’t mean much.

To Lui (Kublai’s father) drinks the shaman’s potion that supposedly will transfer Great Khan’s illness into him. But the potion is actually a poison conspired by Khan’s wife and the shaman to eliminate To Lui. 3 days after drinking that potion, To Lui dies. His children suspect foul play and want to take revenge.

Great Khan (Da Han) refuses to decree his son as his successor as Da Han. And so he is duly poisoned by his wife. But she accuses To Lui’s wife as the culprit for Da Han’s death. Kublai tries unsuccessfully to stop his brother from revolting and so a civil war ensues.

The late Khan’s wife becomes the regent for her son.
Late Khan in his illness should not drink liquor but I gave it to him. I did this so that you could become Da Han.

12:43 Tengri, he is a man I’ve ever met that I love so much. Please give me courage. (Kublai) 
Tengri, she is the only woman I’ve ever met whom I love. Please give me courage to tell her I love her. 

But she does not love him for she loves Kublai instead. His unrequited love and jealousy cause him to hate his own brother, Kublai.

13:54 Chi Ba exposes the murderer of General Bo Ri Te’s death who subsequently framed Kublai for the deed.

13:56 Kublai Khan’s own younger brother, Ali Age swears vengeance upon Kublai because the woman (name?) he loves does not love him but Kublai instead.

14:21 The rebels are captured and put to death for their conspiracy against their Khan. Kublai begs clemency for them since they are children and easily misled. Kublai reminds Khan that he has previously promised to reward him for his numerous battle victories, he wants to exchange that for Khan’s clemency to the children. Khan allows him to just choose one of them to save from death.

Cast: Hu Jun - Kublai Khan
Charmaine Sheh – Cha Bi
Chai Wen Yan – Tuo Le Ge Na (Töregene)
Wu Yue – Ali Ah Ge
Tang Guo Qiang – Genghis Khan
Gao Fa – Meng Ge
Steven Ma – Liu Bing Zhong
Ray Lui – To Lei
Xie Miao – Shi Le Men
Ba Sen – Wo Kuo Tai
Jin Ting Ting – Yi Na
He Yan Ni – Yun Lin (pair with Steven)

Chinese army allied with Mongols because of Chinese gov’t corruption and cruelty.

Monk Zi Cong’s scenes.

Kublai tries to get Chinese support for his cause.

The rivalry for khanship starts between brothers.

Monk Zi Cong becomes Kublai’s counselor. His romance with Yun Lin.

21:14 Kublai to his shock, discovers his first love, Yi Nan, did not commit suicide instead she married a rivalry khan. Chi Ba feels unsecure now that Yi Nan is back into Kublai’s life. But he assures her position is unshakable because she is his empress.

Do you know she is the now the reigning Dai Hai’s concubine, your sister-in-law. What you’re doing will you get you kill, don’t you know that?

If you want the woman then take her, but if you want to take my throne, then that won’t ever happen.

Why do you think that? The reason why I brought my whole family and my armies here is to show you that I’ve no such ambition.

Kublai’s family members as his enemies:
Ali Ah Ge - hates him because the woman he loves does not love him but loves Kublai.
His aunt – because that day he did not choose her son as the one child to save. Da Han later strips Kublai off his titles and lands. Kublai swears he will one day revolt against Da Han for this betrayal in brotherhood.

24:33 Control of grains=control of military strength and survival

24:52 The dying Da Han pleads with Ali Ah Ge to let go of personal love entanglement and asks him to support Kublai as Khan because he believes he will be a good khan

Kublai wants to show clemency to his revolting brother and his people but Chi Ba is against his decision and reminds him all those people who have died because of Ali Ah Ge’s treachery. But Kublai has had enough of blood flowing like rivers.

26:44 Ali Ah Ge mourns the death of the woman he loves and vows to give her an elaborate funeral service. But he is reminded he can’t do that because she is Kublai’s wife.

27:39 Final face off between Kublai and Ali Ah Ge. Kublai reminds Ali Ah Ge he is the rightful Da Khan as he is elected unanimously by other khans. And asks Ali Ah Ge to cooperate with him but his request is rejected since land can’t have two suns. So it is battle to death for these two rivaling brothers.

Haiz, for because of a woman’s love, these two biological brothers became deadly enemies.

other related video: rough cut 6:45 min trailer

忽必烈 胡军  = 成吉思汗之孙,拖雷之子,阿里布哥之兄,察必、库萨尔之夫
察必 佘诗曼 = 忽必烈之妻
阿里不哥 = 吴樾 忽必烈之幼弟
旭烈兀 =  张竞达 忽必烈之三弟
成吉思汗 = 唐国强  忽必烈祖父,拖雷之父
拖雷 =  吕良伟 成吉思汗之子,忽必烈之父
蒙哥= 高发 忽必烈之兄
库萨尔 = 徐冬梅 忽必烈之妻
刘秉忠  = 马浚伟 元朝谋士
云林 =  何彦霓 察必好友
贵由= 黄建群 窝阔台长子
失烈门= 谢苗 窝阔台之孙,阔出长子
窝阔台= 巴森 忽必烈三伯父
脱列哥那 = 蔡雯艳 窝阔台之妻
帖尼 =  哈斯高娃 忽必烈之母

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