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Besides being a actor, Steven has also recently taken on the role of a tv series producer, too. Currently for his upcoming series, Single Parent Ten Years, 《单亲十年》he is being paid a 6-figure fee (tn: Steven later clarified on his weibo that 6-figure fee is per episode not per series as implied in the news report). But the female lead for the series is still not confirmed from their short list. He said he may film a tvb series next April and that there are plans for him to release a Mandarin music album soon.

When asked about his love life, he said right now it's a blank.  When asked if he is against finding a mainland girlfriend Steven says the place should not pose a problem for finding girlfriends, regardless from Hong Kong, Beijing Shanghai, Wuhan or whatever places, they are all ok.  So long they mutually appreciate and mutually love each other, it's ok.  He thinks the place is never a problem. Hong Kong women have their own good points, likewise, mainland women have their own good points.  If you like her, whatever place is good.

What kind of a question is that asking Steven if he is against dating a mainland woman?  What was he suppose to say?  Yes, he is against? A better phrased question would have been to ask what Steven think about dating a mainland woman vs a Hong Kong woman. 

Woah! Steven's Mandarin has improved heaps! Good job! 

Additional news from the press.

Steven Ma shoots New TV Series and participates in script-writing 
Since leaving TVB, Steven ventured into mainland to dig gold. After finishing the pre-modern series, Yuan Yang Pei《鸳鸯佩》, in September he will go to Wuhan  to film a new series, Single Mother Ten Years《单亲十年》, and this time he will participate in the script-writing work.  When asked if he personally picks the female lead himself, Steven says he will give his opinion but will not interfere with the producer's and director's decision.  However, at the moment, the female lead has not been confirmed.

Asked if he will be paid for both his script-writing and acting jobs, Steven laughs and says that boss is really nice, and that he/she will invest again in another tv series for him to act in so his script-writing fee is appropriate and discretionary to his effort. Asked him if because as lead actor his fee is high already so did not contest? (tn: the modest fee for his script-writing work) Steven laughs: "Still need some 'petty cash' but since there will be another series to come, it doesn't matter."

He reveals that next year he will take on the role of a director to film a tv series, but he will continue his acting at the same time be involved in the behind the scenes work.  And he does not rule out in the future he may also invest in producing series, will have to wait and see how much he can earn within the next two years.

Just now per a reliable source, the previous Shenzhen filming location has been canceled. Oh dear, the fans there got to be brokenhearted. They had been looking so forward to that ever since Steven revealed to them during their fans visit in April (?) he would be in Shenzhen for his next filming.

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