Friday, September 28, 2012

Learning behind-the-scenes ropes

2012/09/29 Singpao

Steven Ma's September Mainland tv series has been delayed so he is currently resting at home in Hong Kong.  Steven says: "The filming has been rescheduled to November but I on concert tour in December."   Even though he cannot accept the series because of scheduling conflict, but he still participates in its script.  Steven says that he has big plans in series production so he is presently learning the ins and outs of behind-the-scenes work.

TN: Guess all those months of hardwork and time put into Single Parent 10 Years are all wasted.  Actually, Steven only confirmed what some of us fans have already deduced from the total absence of weibo interactions between Steven and the series producers. 

The concerts will be most probably in December.


  1. may i know the date and venue of SM next concert? hope to be able to catch it.

    1. Sorry, wish I knew. Will just have to wait for further news on his upcoming concerts.