Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little-Pick-Me-Up advice from Steven

Feeling down, discouraged, disheartened or just needing something uplifting? Here are 2 messages from Steven to lift up your low spirit. The recent depressing news included the Sino-Japanese political fight over the islands, resulting in chaotic protests in China, Kara Hui's big brother,

10/5 20:55 The recent news has everyone feeling depressed, nevertheless, the road still has to be traveled, so let oneself smile a little.

TN: Strawberry Bear (re: hat + for Tavia ) to the rescue again. Guess no one is too old for a cuddly stuffed bear hug. lol!

10/3 17:25  Exercising can really make one forget the pain temporarily.  Add oil!

The pain is over the loss of 37 lives in the 2 boats collision incident in HK.

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