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UPDATED: Reconciled with ex-GF, Steven Ma Happy at work and personal life

馬浚偉同女友復合 在公在私好快樂
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Steven Ma (Ma Jai) as the host of Apprentice Chef, a TVB cooking show, has left quite an impression in the public mind.  A few days ago, Foo Lum Group (富臨集團 Restaurants) invited him to be their spokesperson of lobster banquet for their company.

In the commercial, Steven spent at least 10 hours to film the commercial in which he showcased six different flavored lobster dishes starting from breakfast all the way to dinner.  In the restaurant he kept busy; from cooking in the kitchen to catching lobsters from the fish tank.  Though this is the first time doing this kind of commercial, he was unfazed as he without much ado caught a 5 catty (tn: wow! 5 catty??) lobster from inside the tank.  He laughed and said he felt like he was filming a cooking show.

Even though the work was prolonged, Steven displayed no sign of exhaustion. In fact, off camera, Steven transformed into a ‘mischievous’ master chef making the live lobster into a ‘multi shape-changer’. Calling the live lobster a mutant, he played with it; now saying he’s going to perform magic; now jesting he’s helping the lobster loosening its bones. He played with the lobster from the tank all the way into the kitchen, his antics greatly enlivening the atmosphere.  With the shooting going smoothly, Steven luck out with this commercial whereby he got to partake 6 lobsters cooked 6 different ways and to earn money at the same time, truly killing two birds with one stone.

He said: Today's meals were very scrumptious because the lobsters were cooked 6 different methods, and I had to eat them all.  Not only did I get to eat them but also the fee was not bad. This is my first time doing this kind of spokesperson.  Because in the past I did a cooking tv program so people assumed that I've have culinary knowledge.  Indeed I do know how to cook. My specialties are seafood, stir fried beef strips and some other home cooked dishes.

Steven has recently admitted of reconciling with ex-girlfriend, and there were even rumors circulating of their upcoming wedding. When queried, Steven graciously admits their reconciliation denies any upcoming wedding bells: "It's true that my girlfriend and I have indeed reconciled, our relationship is now very stable, but who knows how it will develop in the future. Anyway, for now, I'm very happy in both my work and personal life!" 

When asked if there will be a sponsorship of lobsters for his wedding banquet, Steven laughs uproariously and says: “That would be nice if so, but I'm not going to get married just because of the sponsorship. So, if they sponsor me a hundred lobsters, I'll then host a 100 table banquet?”

Steven says that the next two or three years will indeed bring big changes but to his career. He hopes to diversify his career development, and to be exposed to different areas. There are reports of Steven experimenting with script writing and opening his own production studio.

He admits: “It’s true, but it (series production) has been postponed to next year. It was originally scheduled to commence (production) this year but after the negotiation was completed, (I) realized some situations are still iffy, so will wait until the web has been intricately interconnected before going full force ahead. Although there is a group of investors behind me but still must be meticulous with the work, can’t let these people down. It’s fine if losing my own (money) but with the investors’ funds, the pressure is greater, so you can’t be too careful here.”

Steven stresses that his position is still that of an artist identity because: “At the end of the day I still love being an actor the most, so I welcome anybody to contact me to film a series; any locality, any TV station, so long the script is good.” 

He says all these time he has been screening mainland scripts, "I'm no longer a newcomer, so have to be very careful with choosing the script, only then can film a series with substance."

Steven will spend most of his time in mainland, but he says in any case he will set aside time to return to Hong Kong to film tv series.  Steven further discloses that the mainland series he filmed earlier this year, “The Legend of Yuan Empire Founder”, will be broadcasted on CCTV next year, as for the other mainland series, “Yuan Yang Pei”, it will be broadcasted in one of the 4 major satellite tv channels.

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Steven prepares for the commercial, chefs quickly took pictures of him. lol! Steven entertained the people around him with humor and actions.

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