Monday, November 26, 2012

Steven Ma: Man of culture

Tsui Yong Yong is currently planning the upcoming 3 months' content of her monthly magazine,  天階 teen guide

Tyy 11/26 11:38  Need to do one more culture promotion cover.  Happy to have gotten his support and consent to do a photoshoot (for the cover).  (He's) the most suitable candidate ~ In  my heart, the artist of culture is - him.

Tyy 11/26 11:53: In the entertainment circle, to find "stylish" is easy, to find "handsome" is not difficult; what's difficult to find is a person of culture. Besides Leung Ka Fai and Damian Lau, I only find this kind of culture vibe exuding from him - one reason why I've always thought highly of him, and have given my all in accompanying him in his pursuits.  Only people of culture will notice this type of superior quality in another. 

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