Friday, December 21, 2012

Steven Ma and Peggy Liu's 12/22/2012 concert.

12/21/2012 Steven Ma and Peggy Liu at a press conference in Los Angeles to promote their 12/22 concert in Para Casino. Steven reveals that besides his familiar Cantonese and Mandarin songs he will also sing some of his themesongs including Where the legend begins and The Life and Times of a Sentinel.  Daddy Good Deeds is his last TVB series but he reveals that he will return TVB to film a series in April next year.


Aside: 12/21/2012 news
The rumor mill has it that since Kevin Cheng has rejected Catherine Tsang's offer for the role of 西门吹雪 (Ximen Chuxue) in the supposedly grand production《寒山潛龍》series co-produced by Catherine and Leung Ka Shu (梁家树) to be filmed in March 2013, the latter has turned to Steven for help to take up that role.   In the 2013 sales presentation, the series《寒山潛龍》(Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon) cast  Kenneth Ma as Ximen, and his fellow co-stars are Raymond Wong, Kenny Wong, Aimee Chan and Priscilla Wong. (see hyn5 link for sales presentation and filming videos)

I truly hope the above news is not true as the female cast is so weak especially with Aimee Chan as female lead. I personally can't stand Aimee and her acting. Also, the series looks like a dud.


  1. Omg, you’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me! That series was probably the worst one out of all the sales presentation series and Catherine wants Steven to star in it? For what, so he can be ‘used’ to promote their favorites Aimee Chan and Priscilla Wong??? I also hope those rumors are NOT TRUE (if it is, I will be very disappointed – both in TVB for offering such a lame series and in Steven for accepting it!).

  2. Most TVB actresses can't do ancient drama let alone a wuxia.

  3. i also hope steven did not take this series, even though steven always mentioned Catherine Tsang as his mentor, but I think that C.T did not appreciate him enough, his series never been in good time slot even though he always managed to make his series n top 10 series and never his series been in the top 3 lowest rating and he never or rarely been in anniversary series, and on top of that, to star in series with Aimee Chan, I don't know whether it is good or bad, whatever, I hope steven success in his endeavors

    1. nmas: Steven sees Tsang as his benefactor but during his 6 years of management Tsang did not favorite him at all, like what you said.

      Hopefully,the series will not have Aimee in the cast, period, what's more the female lead. Aimee's performance in The Confidant totally spoiled the series. If the sales presentation series cleans up with a solid storyline, good cast and better costumes, it may be an interesting series to watch. I would love to watch Steven as a wuxia swordsman. But as the SP stands, then no thank. Anyway, Steven says that nothing is confirmed just yet, that several HK tv stations have sought collaboration with him, so not sure which one he will end up collaborating.

  4. Hi Tamaya, what does WTLB stand for? Thanks!

  5. Where the legend begins -- With Ada Choi