Sunday, December 30, 2012

Steven Ma Denies Being Kevin Cheng's Replacement

馬浚偉否認執鄭嘉穎二攤 12/30/2012

Yesterday (12/29/2012) , Steven Ma attended the 47th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo (HKBPE) to promote his endorsed herbal products for Hin Sang Hong Company Ltd. (衍生行)  Steven has just come back from his concerts in the US but he will be returning to the US and Canada too next year to hold more concerts. Steven, who started his career as singer, plans to re-enter the music world, and in anticipation of releasing a music album he is presently doing the legwork of collecting new songs.      

Earlier, there were rumors that Kevin Cheng had angered TVB executive, Catherine Tsang, for rejecting an ancient drama series, Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon 寒山潛龍, because he did not want to shave his head. So giving up on Kevin Cheng, Zan Jeh (Ms. Tsang) turned to Steven, who is said to be her 'trusted aide' (心腹),  as replacement. Steven said that indeed he sees Zan Jeh as his mentor and benefactor but he denied being her 'trusted aide'.

Steven said that even after his contract had ended February this year, he and TVB still kept in touch. He said: "Zan Jeh has indeed approached me for collaboration but that was quite a while back, and it was definitely not this series. This rumor is just a beautiful misunderstanding, that's all(Would you mind shaving your head for the series?)

It's true that after shaving the head it is more inconvenient to do outside shows. I don't think I'll shave my head anytime soon but if the script is good I won't mind. Anyway I've shaved my head 6 (sic 5) times already.

"Actually besides TVB, Ricky Wong (HKTV/CTI) and other TV stations have approached me too. When everything is confirmed I will announce my plans publicly."

As to his plans for next year, if all goes well, they will be formalized after Chinese New Year. For the more immediate, he will be shooting a mainland series during the Chinese New Year, and plans to shoot a HK series after that.

When asked about Raymond Lam's plans to retire from the entertainment industry because of his BA loss and to help his family business, Steven said: In the past few years he seems more focused on his music. Don't be disheartened.  He has lots of potential, very suited to this field. Don't waste himself."  (If he leaves then you would have more chance to win the tv king title?) I'm no longer a part of TVB. Moreover, I never had any fate with winning awards. Now grown up, feels getting an award is just the icing on the cake. 我现在不是无綫一分子,而且我一向跟奖项无缘,人大了只觉奖项是锦上添花。(He said he wants to help out his father's business.) He can hire other people to help. He can film and learn to do business at the same time."



source yue yu station

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