Monday, January 14, 2013

updated: circles 2013-1-10 never gave up on singing

1圈圈 馬浚偉:從無放棄過做歌手

Steven talks about how he has never given up on singing but that he mostly sings tv series themesongs or subtheme songs. 

- As to return as a prof singer inthe music industry, he does not have that thought.
- Because to make music is something to be trifled with just putting aside some hours into it. 
- Has to respect the professional singers and musicians who expend much efforts and time into producing an album that may even take 1 year or 2. 
- That being said, I've never given up on singing.  
- In upcoming 2013, the reality of my producing a new album is a certainty.  I will have my own new songs, not themesongs.
- Right now, I'm in the groundwork preparation stage. 
- I'll start with releasing 1 or 2 news songs, will treat that as my own interest, and see how's the response. 
- So now I'm contact many people in the music industry, or someone who can transform my image - just a part of my artistic journey. 
- But obviously I can't be like a professional singer spending much time in it.
- But still this my early career and moreover have had released numerous (tn:14) albums so I don't want to give up on it.
- So I hope I can come up with a good song to be played in radio stations or various mediums for all to listen to.

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