Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Steven's plea to weibo readers to cherish life.

2012-12-31 23:01 The first 2013 news report I saw was a young Hong Kong man taking his own life...so upsetting. I want to..regardless 80s? 90s? or 00s brothers and sisters, to say this to you - even if your life is not how you want it to be, Heaven has already given you an inborn ability. Just like how I loved painting/drawing but because of family's financial straits I had to change my field. Despite that I did not leave the artistic field! Opportunity can be created. Please, cherish life, cherish yourself, ok? Please...

TN: To all Steven Ma fans, please heed Steven's plea to cherish yourself, and cherish life.   This is not the first time Steven has reached out to his readers and fans to cherish life, cherish themselves and their loved ones. 

Happy New Year 2013! A new year means another year to make good your dreams and resolutions!

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