Friday, February 1, 2013

The Generation Show

Watch Generation Show live
Watch Steven's first ever participation in a mainland tv variety show on the 9:30 pm Generation Show - live streaming only parts of the show for viewers interaction.(?)  Lots of buffering for me. PPS may be much better but those outside China can't access it.

Steven looking extremely youthful was assigned to the 90s generation team. lol!

interactive Generation Show message board link

Steven sings the themesong for "Domd 1998".
Talk about same customs for different tvb actors and series.
Talk about Domd 1998.

Most frequent comments on weibo are:
How come Steven doesn't get old? 
I first saw him in Domd 1998, now I'm so old already and he's still looks young.
So handsome!
Is Steven a spirit, how come still look so youthful?
The wrong tags segment was so funny!

sources:  sohu site; The Generation Show website

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