Friday, February 15, 2013

Steven's TVB good friend, Helen Ma

From weibo, Steven and Helen Ma are close friends.

02/13/2013 13:01 Last night had dinner with son (Steven Ma) and he wished me happy Chinese new year, and I gave him 2 red packets. After dinner we went to watch Joyce Koi's opera. Last night was her new opera opening night. Wah! Sang well and fought well, the others were good too especially the one who acted the abbot and sang in nam-yin (southern tone). His diction was excellent. Bravo!

1/26/2013 10:17 : Wednesday night, had dinner with 2 'sons', Dai Dee (Steven Ma) and Sai Dee (Johnson Lee). The menu was sumptuous - 9 course dinner prepared all by TVB kitchen god herself (tn:Johnson's mom), very delicious.  The dinner preparation took her two whole days. Thank you very much. On Thursday Steven has a stage performance to attend, I wish him smooth sailing.  A new year has already started, here's wishing 2 sons good health, smooth sailing  at work, and hope we can collaborate again. 

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Last night 2/13, Catherine Tsang, Liza Wang, Steven Ma, (& Helen Ma) and Poon Ka Dak attended Joyce Koi 's new opera《英烈孔雀王》.

Helen Ma & Steven's weibo interactions  page link

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