Thursday, March 21, 2013

Attending Green Snake premiere in HK

Last night, 3/21/2013 Steven Ma, Carina Lau, Wayne Lai, Adam Cheng, Joe Ma, Deanie Ip, Michael Tse, Oscar Leung, Francis Ng, Kam Kwok-Leung(甘國亮), Cherie Chung(鍾楚紅) , Kara Hui, Kenny Bee (钟镇涛) 張叔平 attended the premier of Green Snake by National China Theatre in HK.

Though not mentioned in the above name list, Fala Chen also attended the show. She weibo Steven that there's this one line in the show reminded her of what Siu Chui says to Pu Chong Ling in Ghost Writer - "You finally remember me."

credit as labeled

Steven praises 秦海璐 for her performance in the play. Guess she asked that man to use her phone to record comments from Steven and other attendees on her performance and the play.

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