Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Notice: Steven Ma to film Leung Choi Yuen's May series?

个Despite what's been presumed by netizens (baidu and weibo) that Steven has 100% confirmed to film Leung Choi Yuen's May series, Steven himself did not confirm it when reporter called him up for his response to the rumor. As usual, Steven gave the same response when asked to confirm the rumor: "let's get the contract done first ba". 記者致電馬浚偉,他說:「啲合約搞埋先啦!」

Seems to me TVB is pressing Steven to sign the contract but he is still holding out. Since the beginning of the year, TVB has been using the media to fan the rumor of Steven's return to TVB giving him pressure to repay his gratitude debt to Catherine Tsang.

These days, people tend to just skim the 1st paragraph of news reports, and too lazy to read the rest of the article.

Who knows, TV Queen Tavia may yet reject the offer to shoot the series. So there you go, nothing is 100% confirmed yet unlike what others may say. Better to wait for Steven to confirm his role and for Tavia to confirm her role in the series.

Honestly, I would much rather Steven shoot the big profit, big budget grand production by Miu Siu Ching and Lau Ka Ho, though the series seems to be a woman's drama centering around this virtuous empress, and male roles are more secondary.

And I'm not that fond of pre-modern drama where the costumes are not all that flattering.  Also, Steven is probably going to be cast in that kind hearted male character. So put off by this kind of dramas - I don't even have the urge to watch any of the past tvb similar series like the one on tea, and the wine.  And also I've watched Uncle Choi's previous lunar new year pre-modern series, and I didn't like it.

And also may I say, I'm tired of Steven co-starring with his 3 tvb sisters again? 
Yeah, I'm not a happy camper reading this news.  I knew given his - this insistence of 'gam yam' (gratitude) Catherine Tsang will in the end rope him with her friendship/gratitude card. 

Edited: Haiz! Seems like the writing on the wall has appeared.  Though Steven himself has not confirmed this, guess he is gonna film tvb series. 

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