Saturday, March 9, 2013

UPDATED Mar 10th: Yuan Yang Pei

Yuan Yang Pei will air on Hunan online channel site (湖南电视剧频道)on Monday, March 11@7:30 pm for 3 consecutive episodes per night. But Hunan channel has changed the name 《鸳鸯佩》 to 《缘定终生?》(Fated to be together for life?)

Supposedly, can watch on these links
湖南电视剧频道在线直播地址:  (doesn't worked for me)
芒果tv---直播----“电视剧” : (need to dl software)
好趣网湖南电视剧频道在线直播地址: (worked for me)
风云直播在线直播地址: (worked for me)

It is tentatively scheduled to air on Anwei Satellite Channel 《安徽卫视) sometime in September.

From the trailer, Steven's character has become the 2nd male lead. haiz! With the name change, the storyline looks like the romance between the Yong En and the other guy (forgot his name) and that Steven's the bad man who comes between them. So not looking forward to the series anymore. The whole trailer is so cringeworthy.

Apparently, the trailer is a hoax -- Wang Shao Qi fan did the whole video.  Haiz! No wonder it totally centers around WSQ's character.   I've deleted the video but not the youku link here. 


  1. Thank you for your great update. Too bad that i can't watch it at the time :(. Better wait for fans to upload it with eng translation on youtube or other relevant sites. lol

  2. Where is Lai Fu? Haizx. I hate this trailer! And I hate Hunan channel for changed the series's name!!!!!
    But I still really want to watch... Do you know how and where I can watch this series online, Tamaya? Please share with us when you have some informations about this, please!!! ^^


      Crystin, the above is the link to the site but I can't find the show.