Friday, March 15, 2013

Yuan Yang Pei

Watch Yuan Yang Pei on mango tv online site .click on 地方台, then click on "电视剧".  Will ask for you to dl baidu media player in order to watch the dramas. Wizard will take you thru the dl.

But now even this site is buffering too much, never mind the other sites that can't be watched at all because of too much buffering. Guess the heavy traffic is too much to handle.

Haiz, all sites are buffering too much for me now.

We may have to watch the uploads on youtube.

@8:30 pm the mango site has stablized  but other sites still buffer too mcuh.


  1. I can not see any download link apears! Hic. Maybe it don't work in Vietnam. Haiz!

  2. Maybe you already have baidu media player installed? Was the screen black?

  3. you must click on 地方台, then click on "电视剧" before the software dl prompt comes on. It is now streaming YYP reruns -- so much more clearer and sharper than youtube uploads, and does not buffer at all.

  4. Ya, I did step by step that you said. still didn't see the dl prompt. Let me try again. Anyway, thank you so much!

  5. Did u unblock youku on Chrome google browser? Cos' we overseas often can't watch China dramas on unless we circumvent that blocking with some software. So dl chrome google browser (as opposed to firefox or IE browser) and then click add-on to add unblock youku