Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yuan Yang Pei's summary

Qi Jun (Eric Huang) returns home from overseas and imbued with modern ideals wishes to break off his pre-arranged betrothal with Yong En (Zhang Meng), whom he has never met.  Enroute he coincidentally meets Yong En and falls in love with her at first sight. Because Yong En is abused by stepmother who arranged to have Yong En raped by a relative, Yong En  runs away from home and flees to her former family housekeeper, Zhou Quan (Quan Bo), who owns a restaurant. There she befriended Lai Fu, who is later employed as an employee there. They fall in love despite Quan Bo's objections because Yong En is from a prominent family background, after all, and Lai Fu is but a son of a poor widow selling soya sauce. In a scheme to inherit the wealth and property, Tang Ting Liang's, Tang Ting Xuan's (Steven Ma)  younger brother plots to kill him not once but twice, and each time failed to do so. For the first attempt, Ting Liang had a gang of thugs attacked Ting Xuan. After giving Ting Xuan a severe beating they threw him into the river but lucky for Ting Xuan a fishing boat passed by, and the fisherfolks saved his life. Ting Xuan goes into hiding in the fishing village for 3 months. Meanwhile, during his absence, Lai Fu came into town, and later he and Yong En fell for each other. On his wedding day, Ting Liang killed Lai Fu mistaking him for Ting Xuan.

Yong En looks for her missing bridegroom. She does not know that Lai Fu is dead and mistakens Ting Xuan for Lai Fu. However, Ting Xuan treats her coldly. Yong En gets into Tang Residence as a tutor to Ting Xuan's kid sister to investigate. By and by, unwittingly, Ting Xuan falls in love with Yong En.  When Yong En realizes that Ting Xuan is not Lai Fu she leaves the Tang residence. All the while, Qi Jun protects her in every way he cans. Ting Liang exposes that Ting Xuan is actually not Tang Qi's biological son so Ting Liang gets kicked out from the Tang family. Still seeing Ting Xuan as a big threat to him, Ting Liang hired another group of thugs to kill Ting Xuan, and in their attempt, Ting Xuan's real mom got killed while protecting Ting Xuan. Ting Xuan so filled with hatred seeks vengeance. He marries Song Yi Lan (Tang Ling -  she loves Qi Jun)  hoping to use the Song family's wealth and power to get back into top society so that he can take over Tang family's wealth and property.

Ting Xuan succeeded in taking over Tang's wealth through devious means, and summarily becomes the sole owner but he gets no pleasure from it. He kidnaps his kid sister to in an attempt to get Yong En to see him, and to force her to break up with Qi Jun. He gives an impassioned plea to Yong En to love him but she spurns his love and viciously berated him for what he did to the Tangs.  Somehow, Qi Jun finds out where they are and breaks inside the house to rescue Yong En.  So incensed, Ting Xuan fires at Qi Jun but Yong En blocks the bullet with her body and is shot instead.

Ting Xuan so shaken with almost killing Yong En suddenly, improbably, inexplicable turns into a new leaf. He meets up with Yi Lan and gives her the deeds and what not to her, keeping nothing for himself. He then walks out into the rain, repenting his wrong.  Meanwhile, Yong En recovered, and pretty soon she and Qi Jun got married.  --The End--.

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