Friday, April 26, 2013

Circles: 2013-03-21 Good Brother, Evergreen Mak

Actually I had no intention of uploading this audio but for the just off the press tabloid smearing of Steven reporting that hew displeased with Evergreen replacing Bobby.  Steven might have lamented not being able to co-star with Bobby (like we all did ), since the last time was way back in FOJ 4, and even then they did not share many scenes together, but don't believe he would say anything derogative about Evergreen as replacement.  But the report truly blackened Steven. Ai, Steven, why did you choose to come back to TVB? Why?

So Property Protector has not even begin production but already tabloids are up to their old tricks at creating discord among friends.

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No uploaded audio for his other good brother, Dexter Young.


  1. Haix, That is the reason why I was so worry about the returning to TVB of Steven. I had read that news. ridiculous! Can't believe they can say that! >"<

  2. So you can read Chinese? Knew there would be negative news on him but did not expect it to come so soon? Thought maybe like Lawrence Ng being reported as diva on set, the smearing won't start until the filming.

  3. No, In Vietnam we have many TVB Fans, they translated news of all TVB Artists. So that's why I can read the news. (but They just translate new of TVB)
    For the news don't have translation at all, I have to use google translate to see what it talk... this way is not so good but can help me understand the main idea.
    Still go to your blog everyday to read the update where I can find believable news. ^^.
    Yeah, too soon to see negative news. Haizx.