Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Steps" mv to Steven's 似是水中花

superior audio on youtube
video from: youtube
TV series: Steps (Steven and Bernice Liu)
Song: 似是水中花 1993 music album
MV creator: Crystin Cao @ SVFStevenMaVietFan FB

TN: Crystin, thank you for creating this beautifully and lovingly crafted video as mv, per my request I might add.  I love it. Sorry for the quality of the video. If you could, would you please upload the original video onto youtube so that I can just embed the better quality here for viewing? Thanks.


  1. Yes, I will upload it on Youtube. (will send you a link later) ^^ Glad that you love it! ^^

  2. Here you are:

  3. Oh, I cannot believe that TVB just block that mv of mine! Really? Why they need to do so????

  4. I has just dispute the claim. Waiting for TVB to answer. I still can not believe it!

    1. All my videos with tvb video clip insert (no matter how short) will sooner or later be blocked by tvb, so I've given up on uploading any video with tvb stuff in it. Once my account of over 200 videos (lots of Steven's mvs from his music albums and live performances etc) was deleted because of tvb copyright infringement. I've never disputed their claim. Would like to know what TVB's reply to your letter. Be careful utube does not end up deleting your account instead because of too many copyright warnings.