Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sundry: Request.

Crystin comment: The song: 似是水中花, with Steven's dancing in "Step". Just finished it.

Hi Crystin, thank you so much.  I love your mv overall, honestly, that's why I hate to make this special request, a big favor because you have already completed the mv.  But could you please incorporate the slow dance sequence (just the 1st opening dance) of Steven and Bernice performed in TVB 40th Anniversary gala night? (below)  If too much trouble then forget it, the mv is fine as it is.  Don't you think there's this hauntingl similarity in the two songs?

I used to have a better quality video than this one from youtube but my external back up disk became corrupted so lost all my files in it.

Below is the link to my some of my STEPS comments reposted here.  I really enjoyed Steps a lot.


  1. Wow. this song is really nice.
    But the quality is not as good as Step's scene in my MV. So... Ya, I will try... but maybe I can not use it. Therefor I have the same feeling of yours when saying to you that I am really sorry ah!!!!
    Yeah, Same here! I love Step so much! Ching Ka Chun looking extremely handsome. ^^ And I had read and really like all of your comments.

    1. No problem. Yea, I know the quality is quite poor but its quality is better than those found online. Too bad! Have you not watched this before?

    2. Yes. I didn't watch it before. ^^ Just watch TVB 39 and 42. I was have "zero" chance to watch more TVB Anniversary gala. Can not find a link to download or watching online.

    3. Ok. I will. Thankssss!!!!

    4. My dl videos are all gone now when my external back up disk got corrupted. haiz! Have you watched Steven sang 'My Girl" with others, and later sang a duet with Fala? Don't remember what year. And also he sang Chu Ge in 2006 even though he was hurting from his eye injury.

    5. Yes! I watch them all. ^^. Chu Ge in 2006, I can watch it, must thank to you ah!!!!
      My Girl and a song duet with Fala were so fantastic. If I not wrong, I think those songs were in TVB 42. I watched the whole gala night. ^^

    6. the 2002 with Sonija Kwok, and the one singing Shanghai Bund? And I can't remember what else. Maybe I should do a post on his tvb anniversary performance.

  2. Crystin, are you going to upload your video on tudou? If not I can help you do it.

  3. Yes, and yes! I watched them all.
    And Tudou, I had just uploaded a few of them. Heehee. Here is my link:
    Wow. If you have time. I will highly appreciate your help! Heeheehee. Love ya! (Just attack our SVF-Facebook link, That will very fantastic!) Thank you so much ah!