Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mainland gameshow - Holding out for a Hero 全星全益

全星全益 2013-12-25
Guests: 温岚 (Taiwan), 马浚伟 (Hong Kong), 俞飞鸿 (Mainland)

Celebrity guests compete to win the grand prize for their 'heroes'.
Rules of the game: They will each answer 5 questions, for each question they will pick a gold card from the total of twenty, each respresents a prize of 1000 yuan up to 20,000 yuan, whichever card they pick will be the value of their question, if answered correctly the value will add to their final total win, conversely, if answered incorrectly, the same will be deducted from their total. If their final total has a negative balance, they'll have to pay the negative amount out of their own pockets to their 'hero'. They have the use of 3 tool helpers: double the amount, triple the amount, and pass cards.  The person with the highest total amount will be the winner and his/her chosen hero will receive the amount of money won.

part 1
So did Steven win?

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part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5


No, Steven did not win. He would have had he answered the last question correctly. Which country has banned smoking altogether inside the country? Sri Lanka, Singapore, Bhutan?

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