Monday, December 30, 2013

Property Protector to air Feb 17 2014

Property Protector now renamed Storm in a Cocoon (32 episodes) is scheduled to air on Feb 17 2014,  a week after CNY.  Yep, Steven's series as usual in yet another unfavorable timeslot; TVB's customary mistreatment of Steven's series continues. Though unfavorable timeslot is not unexpected still it is disappointing.  But on the upside, fans will get to watch Steven's series soon.

kuangai weibo 12/31/2013


  1. Lunar New Year this year fall on 31st Jan 2014 (will be the 1st day of Lunar NY).
    So, 17th Feb, not so really bad. hahaha. TVB! Never believe it!

  2. What is the Series's new name in Chinese, Tamaya? ^^

    1. Chinese name remains the same as original: Property Protector. And given the less the heartwarming story, 8:30 pm timeslot is also not appropriate for children's viewing.

  3. LOL...of course, leave it up to TVB to put Steven's series in another unfavorable timeslot! True, a week after CNY is probably better than airing DURING CNY, but still, it's a bit too close for comfort....and of course, airing the series so early means that audiences will likely have forgotten about it come awards time (though it's not like Steven cares, but still...).