Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lotyef: TVB cut out lots of Steven's scenes

According to Hong Kong fans, TVB cut out a lot of Steven's scenes including Director Tsui's favorite scene of Monk Zhi Cong's first onscreen appearance - writing calligraphy with his left and right hands. In the original version, Steven's monk has lots of scenes in episode 8 but most of them were cut out on TVB version.  weibo link  TVB's pettiness just reached new height for me.

2013-7-22 23:32Director Tsui weibo马仔演得很精彩,活生生的子聪大师,有情有义的刘秉忠,粉丝们不可错过啊!@小明哥粉丝会 //@馬浚偉:這場戲是小明哥的精心設計啊!謝謝小明哥!

youtube clip 

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  1. Totally not surprised of course, since this IS TVB after would be a miracle if they WEREN'T petty! The part I'm most curious about is what type of BS lame excuse TVB is going to give to explain why Steven's scenes were cut (I wonder if they'll do what they did with the HKFA editing fiasco and blame the lowly editing person in the control room who supposedly did his own thing and 'assumed' he was doing TVB a favor) pathetic!