Thursday, January 23, 2014

Updated with audio: Notice: airing now Steven's interview with Tsui Yong Yong

Currently rebroadcasting Tsui Yong Yong's radio Cantonese Opera program channel 7 @ 11 pm HK time link 

Click on channel 7 to listen to their talk and their pre-recorded opera duet (long time ago) that Steven sang for the very first time. (per Tsui  今天 21:58)

-- Play 2 sub-songs from PITNOL
--- On the day his wedding scene with in PITNOL was scheduled he received news of his grandmother (mother's) death. He took off from the studio to pay his last respect to her but later went back to do the wedding scene. Under such circumstances had Steven asked to be excused from filming such a joyous scene, it would have been granted.

-- play Dai Lui Fa.

- Play an 'old' recording of Steven and Tsui's Cantonese Opera duet - Steven's first time singing opera. (with lots of spontaneous laughter)

jackielhy @ tudou upload

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