Thursday, February 20, 2014

thoughts on epi 4

Ep 4

Husband is no longer a suspect. - no surprise there. Don't know why but I found that boatman's manner very suspicious.

Loud and reckless BB has egg on her face in what should have been her moment of triumph as the sham female Justice Bao - instead is there a big enough hole for her to sink into?  Posted Image But of course in her mind Posted Imageit's all the handsome 3rd young master's fault for not apprising her of the real situation before she made a fool of herself in front of everybody.  Posted Image

Trouble in the silk factory - who is the perpetrator/saboteur? Btw, I'm so impressed by Maggie's fabulous portrayal of her cold, stern faced and steely-eyed team supervisor.

My absolute favorite most enjoyable laugh out loud scenes:
-- The two brothers singing opera -- dai nui fa Posted Image
-- the scene where Ka Yeung mimics BB's way of speaking when conjecturing Bik Wan's crime, and BB's face lighting up - "yeah, he got it" and then dimming "I just been had".  Posted Image

So Ka Hin is given the chance to prove to his father that he is capable of managing the business.

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