Wednesday, March 5, 2014

epi 13 afterthoughts

Epi 13 This is the best episode yet, emotional and riveting throughout -- full of drama and brilliant performances from all parties concerned.Posted Image The series is like a snowball swiftly gathering momentum.

The scene of Ka Yeung fighting the bandit is when Steven's nose got injured.

My favorite scene is listening to Steven's low and sonorous voice recounting his past experience - his voice was so mesmerizing; soft and gentle so incongruous to the horrors he is describing. And impressed by how he held back his tears, brimming but never fell. Good job. But when he yells at Kuan Jie and recounts the whole incident of Chor Yiu's death, his booming, controlled voice is so commanding of attention, he had the whole room of people's attention until he admitted to killing Chor Yiu, and then all hell breaks lose. Ka Yeung is too honorable for his own good. I can totally sympathize with Kuan Jie's feelings -- so an abrupt and shocking turn of event for any mother to handle.

Best quote: "You all don't talk, there would be all that more fewer people talking about it."

Steven looks so becoming in his blue zhongsan tunic costume - his whole look immediately transported him back as a refined and cultured young master of some wealthy and prominent family of that period.



  1. Enjoyed reading your thoughts and yes indeed episode 13 was brilliant. Every scene was to move up the storyline and I liked Steven's confrontation with Helen!

    1. Anthony L: Thanks! Do join us in the Storm in a Cocoon thread discussion forum.

  2. Hi - this is by far the best in 2014 and Ep 13 was the best so far. I can't wait to watch the remaining. Thanks for the synopsis and well done!