Saturday, March 29, 2014

Epi 24 Parting is such sweet sorrow, so why part?

It has been said that one's personality wholly or partly determines one's fate. What would Ka Yueng have done if he were put in Ka Hin's situation forced to marry another to save his father and family from ruin?  An interesting premise to ponder. But for sure, unlike Ka Hin, Ka Yueng would have actively, aggressively and persistently sought out Bing Bing to explain his situation, and even if she had left the village -- he would hunt her down to tell her he loves her no matter what. Ka Hin was too passive when he let the matter with Bik Wan slide. But Ka Yeung believes in taking matters into his own hands as depicted in epi 24.

Don’t ask how SS knew BB is leaving the village and where to look for her, he just does. [哈哈]

I will follow you wherever you may go. There isn't an ocean too deep, a mountain so high it can keep me away. I must follow you

In bottom middle pix, Bing Bing is still looking at the site where she last saw SS but unbeknownst to her, SS has jumped down from the other side of the bridge onto her boat. Only when she feels the boat rock did she realize that SS is somehow on the boat beside her. haha! BB is beyond shock to see SS on her boat.

So consumed by fear of losing BB that SS did not even hesitate to jump off the bridge onto the boat to stop her from leaving him. When he landed he immediately beeline towards BB and grabs her into his arms, holding her tight, stilling her struggles.

A bittersweet moment for BB to be in SS' arms (again or first time?). SS smiles in relief as he holds her tightly in his arms. He has found her!

But SS's moment of sweetness is quickly cut short when a teary eyed BB berates him for making the parting even harder for her with his presence.  Let me go, let me go!

 "I won't!" says SS, petulantly.

BB desperately tries to make him understand her pov. "Don't you understand?"

"No, I DON'T understand!" says SS in frustration.

"I also don't understand you  saying your leaving is for my own good, you think by leaving I'll forget you?"  says SS in exasperation, his eyes filled with hurt and accusation

SS: You truly want to leave? The sorrow on BB's face mirrors the pain in her heart.
SS: Fine, you push me into the river... then you can leave   [哈哈] Even mature men like SS are allowed their moments of childish tantrum too.  [哈哈]

BB: You're an idiot, if I push you into the river won't I be worried to death? How can I leave then? [哈哈] And spunky women like BB are allowed their occasional irrational but heartfelt responses!
SS: So, why do you want to leave? 

And then SS gives the perfect speech of wherever you go I'll follow you. Whatever happen we will face it together.  Don't talk about you sacrificing for me or I sacrificing for you. Ok? Ok? 

And finally BB cracks an acquiescing smile , and her smile makes SS smile too, knowing that everything is fine now between them.

SS pulls the smiling and crying BB into his arms. He chides: Don't cry!  Not allow to cry!
GAU DIM! SS successfully wins the fair lady's heart back!

All's well that ends well. At this moment in time, SS is the happiest man on earth, and BB, the happiest woman on earth despite her tears.


  1. Tamaya - I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the beautiful commentaries of SIAC. Today, we will be watching the finale (final 2 episodes). As much as I would like this to continue as I really enjoyed every moment of SS and BB in SIAC, I know there needs to be an end to the beautiful love story. Hope today we will witness a happy ending for the couple although I am a little scared that it may turn out to be otherwise. I am not really a fan of Steven Ma before this, but reading your blog and also watching SIAC have made me believe that Steven is really a pro. His acting skills have improved so much. Because of SIAC, I have started watching Sweetness in the Salt. Well done Tamaya...and hope "Stevia" will have opportunities to work together in coming dramas...THANK YOU.

    1. I also thank all of you who posted your comments here. I truly appreciate them. I too hope BBSS have a happy ending. I've enjoyed writing my thoughts on SIAC and knowing that my readers have also enjoyed reading them made me very happy, and happier still by the compliments on Steven's performance. I've to say that Stevia truly helped elevated each other's performance here with their amazing chemistry.

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