Tuesday, March 25, 2014

epi 27 BBSS's reunion

I love how the BB and SS reunited -- SS, so filled with bursting nervous energy and anticipation that he runs straight past SS without registering the peasant woman carrying the two buckets of water was his BB.  And BB hearing the hurried footsteps looks up at the back view of the running man, a view she is most familiar with.  She can't believe her eyes, it can't be...her posture rigid with anticipation she tentatively calls out his name, Ka Yeung. Soft though her voice is, SS instantly hears it - a heart to heart connection? He started, stops, and slowly turns towards her voice. The moment hangs as they stare at each other in disbelief. BB's eyes brimmed with happy tears while SS's mouth slowly widen in a joyous smile. They run like forever over the short distance separating them until they finally run into each other arms, holding each other tight for dear life. "I've missed you so much!" (an understand, that!) "Me too!" (another understand, that!) So let their expressions tell the viewers just how infinitely much they have missed each other as we have missed Stevia.


  1. like reading your blog on SIAC! Since Ep1, I have been attracted to SIAC. I really hope happy ending for Steven and Tavia. I used to see Kenneth + Tavia being very comparable, but with SIAC, the chemistry between Steven and Tavia cant be disputed, much much more than Kenneth + Tavia pair. Keep up your good work, Tamaya.

    1. Thanks! I've enjoyed doing that.