Thursday, March 27, 2014

epi 28 verisimilitude - BBSS' private moment

Recently, can only get theHD dl link the next day, so screencaps are also a day late.
Verisimilitude is in the details and nuances; in the voice and face and body movements; in the connection of thoughts - actions and reactions-receptiveness.

 look at SS's body language - harboring some 'devious' intent? haha!

            Just needing some TLC love from the lovely vision before him

                       See BB's reaction? She's startled by SS's intimate gesture. Her usual strong hubby needing some TLC from her or some other urges? 

      Guess BB is still a bit unused to SS suddenly cuddling against her esp when she is cooking. haha!

  SS's roving hands feel BB's weight loss?  A smile?

  BB so "dan ding" (calm)

  Love BB's little indulgent smile

 SS's sense of helplessness and guilt towards BB. He has vowed to give her a happy life - look what happen

  A face of love for her husband and the happy days she knows will come

  His assurance of happy days to come is expressed more animatedly


  1. Would love to see happy ending for this pair but afraid this may not come as BB is likely Master Chiang's biological daughter. The relationship will be awkward.....oh no. Up till Ep 29 both sister Wan and Chor Gau were dead, really afraid the ending will be a sad one :(

  2. SIAC is full of twists and turns so the most obvious is not necessarily the truth. BB could be Cheung's daughter or it could be Ka Yeung's devious ploy to trick both BB and Cheung into thinking that BB is his daughter. Sit back and watch the drama unfolds.

  3. Outstanding Performances of Mark & Maggie on the dying Scene! Weldone!

    1. Yes, they both did give an outstanding performance in the dying scene.