Sunday, March 30, 2014

epi 31-31 live broadcast -- spoiler

Missed the beginning portion cos' of serious buffering.

But Ka Yeung kills Boss Cheung in self defense.  BB is indeed Cheung's daughter and later through Lai Keun discovers Ka Yeung's deliberate deception to her.

Bedroom scene is cute but tame. Blackout when SS pushes BB onto the bed and lies next to her.

BB has left SS, as expected. SS wants to jump off the bridge again but no BB's boat to jump onto! lol! But yay! Ka Seng is home but will leave soon to help the poor in the remote places! Even Lai Kuen has reverted back to her demure and nice self, and of course the same with Ka Hin and Mrs. Poon too becoming nice people. The repentant Ka Hin is even nice to his wife. Should be a perfect happy ending except for the fact that the deceived BB is no way to be found. And torrential rain -- pre titanic scene a-coming. Apparently the flood scenes were snapshots of the real life flooding in Shunde. I guess SSBB's little boy is indeed called Big Rain/Rain Big to commemorate this rainstorm. haha!

BB came back home because she heard of the torrential rainstorm and is worried about SS. She's in the Tong's ancestral home. SS is frantically looking for her. Ka Yeung is swimming in the dirty flood and pounded hard by heavy rain. What a scene! Poor Steven! Commercial. buffering

SS finds BB on the rooftop. SS berates BB for risking her life to return home.  Flood keeps rising, see the floating Wing Tai Lung's signboard. Put Bing Bing on the board. SS is knocked semi-conscious by some floating debris. After  flashback he regains consciousness. But then SS gets knocked by a floating log and this time very seriously. He bleeds from his mouth and once again sinks into the bottom of the river.

So SS disappears. BB is now the big boss in Wing Tai Lun with Ji Qing, Yin Fung, and Lai Kuen as supervisors. Surprise BB did not suffer tongue wagging of her killing her husbands.

ohh! News break? Hong Kong suffering torrential rainstorm -- leaking in some mall ceiling.

I think the upcoming of BB coincidentally meeting SS in some place. Yes, BB spots SS and chases after him but he does not hear her yelling for him.  Their son also yells "Ka Yeung" instead of father. But of course going Ka Yeung has amnesia.  Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Crying 55555 at  lok yee dai!  SS sorts of remembers- his memory jolted by their son's singing of lok yee dai! Ahhh....the end......ahhh!

How about at least a hug?  Stingy Uncle Choi!!


  1. Perhaps the ending is made to leave for a possibility of a sequel? Or it could be the writers and producers wanting to tease and torture us knowing Stevia fans' fervent desire to see a happy ending? Regardless, I must say this was great series with many unexpected twists and character-driven plot lines. Ka Yeung is Steven's best role to date and tailor-made for him. The entire cast was excellent and you can see the cohesive bonding and ease of dialogue and interaction among them. Lastly, Steven and Tavia bring out the best in each other. Their little details with dialogue, hand holding, eye contact, albeit small are very intimate and lends to the great chemistry and adds more realism to their characters. Many times, I thought I was watching a real life couple and was transported into the scene with KY and BB. Love this series. The best in the last couple of years.

  2. I was waiting for the last hug scene too. Darn director! =) Well, I guess we can call it a "happy ending" for stevia. I agree with you Anonymous, about Steven and Tavia's performance. They did such a superb job!!!

  3. I guess this is what the script writers would call a happy ending. Cos BB never expected KY to be alive anyway. SO seeing him alive is already a miracle. To remember her and their past would be a bonus. Anyway, she has a whole life time to take him back into her arms to help him remember everything again and rebuild their love and marriage. So i guess that is to the script writers a happy ending... But yes, a very stingy ending which wouldn't even give us fans a hug from them!

    I love this series! I feel Poon Ka Yeung is Steven's best role thus far. He just became Poon Ka Yeung! With this series, he really has won Best Actor in my heart! And of course great credit goes to Tavia! Now I know what is real chemistry! Stevia!

    1. I think most of us think this is a stingy and unsatisfactory ending to an intense captivating series. I also think PKY by far is Steven's best role, hope there is more to come.

  4. Did anyone notice that no one brought to light the fact that Ka Hin and Bing Bing are half brother and sister (same mother different father)? I really enjoyed the series and it's sad that it's over. Will miss watching Steven on TV. I like how they kind of leave it open to interpretation as to whether or not Ka Yeung regains his entire memory (although I feel like he remembers everything after hearing the rain song). I was so afraid that they would kill off Ka Yeung, but thank goodness he lives. How long did Bing Bing go to Suzhou for? Not sure how she got pregnant and had a kid when it was four years since Ka Yeung supposedly drowned, unless she was pregnant already at the river scene. The kid was really cute! Steven and Tavia have great chemistry!

    1. I too feel that Ka Yeung got his memory back. The last 2 episodes were rushed to wrap things up, most satisfactorily - what a shame. BB must have been pregnant at the flooding scene -- that may be one reason besides her worry for KY and her family's safety. So had she stayed put in Suzhou Ka Yueng would not have to go save her, and almost drown. Can't blame other people for thinking she is a most unfortunate person.

  5. An open ending? Such a teaser for stevia's fan! Cut the flashbacks and give me the 2 sec hug at the end!! Most be remarkably difficult to give a happy ending.