Monday, March 3, 2014

episode 11 with spoilers

If only I hadn't been spoiled by that darn TVBI extended siac trailer, the last shocking scene would have been totally unexpected therefore all that more powerful emotionally.  Can't believe the editor included such an important revealing scene in the trailer. I was so surprised this scene was so overlooked by the forums I visit (AF, Baidu, weibo) even though they have watched the trailer.

That being said, spoiled notwithstanding, the suspense, the excitement and the intensity of the last scene was so riveting that I was emotionally spent, still stunned by what I had just watched when the credits roll.  I could still hear Ka Yeung's anguish wail echoing in my head. How to describe such a scene with words, when the pain felt is so indescribable. Wonder how long it took for Steven to get out of Ka Yeung's emotional collapse.

No wonder Ka Yeung goes ballistic in the previous episode when that thug points the gun at him, with his memory so triggered Ka Keung momentarily lost his humanity; his attacks on the thug are uninhibited, his pummeling so vicious it can kill if not stopped.

 Another spoiler in the later part of the series this time from the tvb weekly scan: Haiz, so many spoilers and they are not even in the daily episode summaries that I conscientiously avoid

Up to episode 11, given Ka Hin's mild personality depicted so far, and the scene whereby his spills his guts to Bik Wan in his drunken state about it's not that he doesn't want to be dong ka but that he does not want to fight to get it. So for guy who doesn't even want to fight to be dong ka, I simply can't believe he had it in him to kill someone, and a sibling at that, no matter how oppressed or humiliated his current situation is or at that killing moment in time. I guess (totally speculation) that Ka Hin turns his back on Mr. Poon when he finds out that he is actually not the latter's biological son, in fact Mr. Poon did something bad to his real parents -- KK the father? But Ka Hin is innately a good man.

Aside, I think someone found out about Hau Yee's extramarital affair with Kwok Leung and sent the silk handkerchief to Hau Yee as proof of his/her knowledge. With her affair so exposed, Hau Yee went to meet up with the extortionist.

Ka Yeung is an AWOL soldier;  that's why he is arrested as a deserter later on in the series.

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