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Updated translation 3/26: Steven and Fala Chen's duet

Please listen to the duet on youtube to increase its hits.

The lyrics made me so teary-eyed. Steven is such a good 'brother' to Fala.
Through this duet, Steven is giving the aggrieved Fala a voice to express her grievances. Steven’s vocal is so full of brotherly affection and encouragement. How rare is it for a duet expressing a brother-sisterly affection.  He is comforting his 'miu' (younger sister) for all the hurt and setbacks in her life.
Steven's voice is so gentle and encouraging, while Fala's sounds peeved.

To have this kind of affectionate brother-sister, platonic relationship between a man and woman in the superficial world of the entertainment circle is truly a rarity.  I felt so teary listening to the song; Steven as the older brother gently comforting his aggrieved younger sister, Fala.  The melody is good but the lyrics elevates the song.  Steven's singing is just simply superb in projecting the affection of an encouraging and understanding older brother to his mui!

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Title: Platonic Love 非戀之情
Music:Johnny Yim
Composition: Johnny Yim

F: Totally consumed by love yet (I) got hurt every time
S: Who can end up hand-in- hand with first love?
F: Old close school friends when grown up become rivals
S: Get use to the rivalries in the colorful world; can’t tell friend from foe

F: At junctions, propelled by career toward a bottleneck
S: Your eyebags today are very heavy
F: Who can give me a tears-wiping pillow?
S: Is this shoulder good enough?

SF:Difficult problems more and more,why should they sway us?

F: It’s because you’re upholding me
S: Wipe away your tears
F: The torments of tribulations

SF: As for the scenery on the rear view mirror, just ignore.
SF: Maybe in other people’s eyes it’s dubious, but sentiment is yours and mine,
yours alone, mine alone. The feeling pure as a sibling’s. (can understand this sibling feel)

F: I’ve my own reason for my actions, not for all to understand.
S: So long you are clear on it, no need to walk with others
F: Had strove assiduously but did not win a certain applause
S: No one sees as you as superior, but in my heart you are one of a kind

F: At deficiency level, alone on the sofa at home, trembling.
S: You’re already losing weight daily
F: Who can give me the tender loving care to hold on?
S: Is this arm good enough?

F: Actually your,
S: actually my

FS: heart has hope inside

--- Chinese----

曲:Johnny Yim 詞:火火
編/監: Johnny Yim

女:對愛夢寐以求 而我又每每會傷透
男:哪一位能夠 與初戀攜手
女:過去初中摯友 成長中變了對手
男:習慣花花世界內爭鬥 沒法分哪個敵友

女:轉角口 事業於逼迫的樽頸裡走

* 合 : 難題 愈來愈多 但憑什麼 動搖著你我
女:是你 擁抱著我
合:也許 別人目光 在疑慮麼 動情是你我
唯獨你 唯獨我 純情如兄妹那感覺 (能明暸兄妹這感覺)

女:我有做事理由 難以令個個看得透
男:你清晰便夠 哪需跟人走
女:試過苦心奮鬥 贏不到某個拍手
男:沒有一位當你是優秀 在我心你已獨有

女:到缺口 獨自於家中的梳化顫抖

Repeat *

女:其實你 男:其實我


  1. Love this duet, kinda refreshing and good to hear from Fala again :-)

  2. And where is the translation that you promised?

    1. Real life intruded. Had been out enjoying the good weather that is so hard to come by in winter. Finally got the translation done. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you Tamaya :-)