Friday, April 4, 2014

Fala Chen on collaborating with Steven

Fala recently sequesters herself reading up physics books in preparation for her upcoming movie.  When asked what movie, Fala says the movie production company will announce later.

Reporter: Steven Ma has opened his company, and allegedly he wants to sign you up?
Fala: Oh, he opened the company to sign himself up, to film his movies wo. Coming up he has many movies and tv series to shoot.

Reporter: Did he look you up?
Fala: He has approached me to sing a duet with him.  Because all these years we both have this wish to sing a duet together. And now he is preparing to release an album, and if can help out will help after all he's my brother. If asked, of course, I'll help.

Reporter: But did not ask you to sign as managed artist with his company?
Fala: He doesn't need to sign me. Even without a contract, he still needs to take care of me and help me with or without a contract. He is very fond of me. (sek ngo)

Reporter: Formalize the god siblings tie! (上契ya!)
Fala: Seon kai? I don't believe in this ..actually all these years our relationship is very good. He is truly my older brother, no doubt about it.

credit: LaShine Fala Chen int'l fanclub

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