Monday, April 21, 2014

Mala 4/20/2014 mv photos

Steven Ma and Fala Chen are shooting a mv for their duet, Platonic Love. For this mv they even arranged to have an infant of few months old in the mv. Fala is clumsy holding the baby in her arms. Wonder if she has plans to have one of her own.

Fala: The little ones, I do like children but I’m a person with a rather strong sense of responsibility and also a very hands-on person. If I’ve a baby I would have to retire so that I could totally take care of my child. I can’t work and take care of the child simultaneously. 

Conversely, Steven seems very experienced and comfortably holding the baby in his arms, looking much like a loving father.

Steven: First of all, everybody, don’t misunderstand. Just that when my niece was born I often carried her, that’s why I’m adept at it. As to having children, let fate decide. I like children, and I hope to have a pair of son and daughter – that will be perfect. 

(their ensuing in between conversation snatch is obviously edited out when Steven for some reason teases Fala as Fala BB which she blithely dismisses.

Steven: No wonder you still are not mature yet, even now still remain Fala BB, Fala BB. 

Fala: No no, I’m not. Don’t call me that way. I’m afraid (of being called that)

vid source:Mala with a baby

below vid source:  Mala's siblings relationship

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credit: falachen baidu ; steven ma baidu; 
credit as labeled on pix

the sun


馬 浚偉和陳法拉昨日在荃灣拍攝合唱歌曲《非戀之情》的MV,即將出專輯的馬浚偉今次打盡人情牌,邀得靚女法拉合唱,但只唱兄妹之情而不唱愛情,馬浚偉指這首 歌是他們的故事:「我同監製講話要唱有我哋感覺嘅歌,我哋合作拍咗四套劇,有兩套都係做兄妹,入晒心,現實我都係叫佢阿妹,佢叫我阿哥!」而接近兩年沒有 出碟的法拉自言仍有Keep住學唱歌。





  1. At first before watching the clips, I thought they are filming MV for the other song "I'm getting married", but turned out it is for their Platonic Love song. I wonder why there is a baby in the MV though.

    1. Me too! Wonder why the baby and the dogs in their siblings song? Steven looks so comfortable cradling that baby in his arms but Fala looks so awkward. haha!

    2. Must have had quite a bit of practice with his nephews or/and nieces. :-)

    3. In the above video, Steven said he has had lots of practices with carrying his baby niece(s) I guess since 2001 per the below news report.

      2001 news article by Tsui Yong Yong,
      "For he so loves the newborns’ relatives (his sisters), this uncle despite having only 2 hours of sleep during the OTTOO production period would rather skip his resting period so that he could rush to a baby store to buy disposable diapers for his elder sister's and younger sister's respective babies. Did they really need to trouble this “sei xiu” (4th young master) for diapers? Obviously, it is just a personal choice. And thus, this reporter got to witness a "diaper purchase extraordinaire scene."